It is with deepest sympathy to inform the public that DR James Barile has passed away.  Our condolences to his family, friends and patients.

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Health Maintenance and Restoration

At Natural Health and Wellness Center, we can help you restore your health, eat well, and live a good quality of life, after detecting and correcting underlying causes of your poor health or medical condition.

Weight Loss and Management

Individualized weight loss and management programs. Even if you are dieting and exercising correctly, you may still be experiencing weight gain. We can help you identify the underlying cause of unwanted weight gain.

Natural Healing Without Drugs

Natural and alternative remedies without drugs or surgery using a variety of non drug pain-relieving therapies and their applications to provide you with relief for many common illnesses or types of pain.

Disease Correction

We will create an individualized treatment plan that is designed to help you regain and nourish a total state of health and well-being. This is achieved by identifying the underlying cause of illnesses and debilitating conditions.

Complete Personalized Health Care

At Natural Health and Wellness Center, we provide you with an individualized holistic whole-body healthcare solution to help you regain your health and lose weight without using dangerous drugs or risky diets.

Nutrition With Whole Foods & Herbs

Nutritional recommendations are customized to the individual’s needs and health concerns. We can help you treat many medical conditions more effectively with foods and nutritional supplements.



The first major cause of disease and illness is Trauma in any form, including physical and mental setbacks. A serious problem today is the excessive auditory and visual over-stimulation via TV, computers, video games, and loud music stressing our bodies just through our eyes and ears.


The second major cause of disease and illness is Toxicity. Our environments are full of toxins that we don’t even notice — from the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in, the foods we eat, the drugs and chemicals, and various types of radiation and electromagnetic waves we are exposed to (such as: AM/FM radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, microwaves, Ultra Violet [UV] radiation, and X-rays).


The third major cause of disease and illness is our Thoughts. These internal conversations can cause us to feel love, happiness, joy and all the most beautiful things. They can also produce  just the opposite, causing us to be devastated and focus on fear-based concepts like: jealousy, anger, abandonment, getting sick, greed, and self-doubt.