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At the Health and Wellness Center, we offer Cranial Correctioncranial corrections which alleviate back, shoulder, and body pain. Cranial Corrections are an excellent alternative to medication or chiropractic adjustments which don’t have long term success.

Very few physicians perform this procedure – Dr. Barile is one of the only doctors in the area to specialize in this technique. 

In just a few visits, you will feel the difference. We approach each patient with a plan – generally our patients don’t need more than 6 visits to correct the underlying cause of your health issue.

We use a technique called Neuro Cranial Integration (NCi). This is a revolutionary method for re-aligning cranial bones in the patient’s skull to release tension from the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

NCi works better than endless chiropractic sessions, pain medication, or invasive surgeries because it focuses on the cause of the problems, not the symptoms. We release and balance the patient’s vital life source which allows the brain to work more efficiently and the body to perform at its highest levels.

Many patients feel a rush of oxygen, blood, and neurological activity after the session. Feeling the healing as it happens is very satisfying for patients. The technique only takes a few minutes and has a more profound effect on the entire body than other procedures.

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