A New Breed Of Doctor

Dr. Barile Radio Show“New Breed Of Doctor” is hosted by Dr. James Barile, the leading authority in Alternative Natural Drug-Free Healing. Dr. Barile has a Ph.D. in Nutrition and is a Doctor of Naturopathy and Chiropractics..

Dr. Barile has 45 years of hands-on experience helping and teaching people how to get well naturally without drugs. He’s also the Director of the Brain Center in Seminole, FL where he invites guest to FREE Lunch & Learn Wellness Events on how to get well and stay well.

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New Breed of Doctor focuses on the chronic, hard to cure cases that Dr. Barile specializes in. Your body has the ability to heal itself without drugs or invasive procedures. Whether you are an expert in natural wellness or you are just looking for relief to a chronic health problem, this show will give you insight and peace of mind.

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