Dr. Susan Pisano

ABOUT Dr. Susan Pisano BS DC

Doctor of Health and Wellness

BS in Aeronautics and Applied Mathematics, Dowling College 1982

DC( Doctor of Chiropractic) Magna Cum Laude, Life University 1992

Dr. Pisano has a deep understanding of health and wellness with her post graduate studies in Neural Organization Technique and Contact Reflex Analysis, (Kinesiological based techniques for finding hidden causes of Dis-ease found in the Structural, Mental-emotional or Chemistry areas), Functional Medicine and Nutrition, Neuro/emotional techniques. Dr. Pisano studied with foremost alternative practitioners in their fields in the country in Santa Fe, NM.

She practiced as Chiropractic Physician for 24 years in Santa Fe specializing in Trauma( of all kinds) treatment from a neurological perspective and hard to cure cases.

Now Dr. Pisano is working as a Wellness coach teaching brain based techniques to affect the autonomic nervous system thereby creating lasting effects and skill sets for the client to take home and utilize in their daily life.

Contact Dr. Pisano:

Phone: 727-200-6702

Email: Pisanochiro@hotmail.com